[Fwd: Re: [PLUTO PD] help on PHYTON]

Alessandro Medici tp@lists.linux.it
Mon Dec 16 10:48:02 2002

 > Python [dummy package]
 >   mxTextTools is an extension package for Python that provides several
 >   useful functions and types that implement high-performance text
 >   manipulation and searching algorithms in addition to a very flexible
 >   and extendable state machine, the Tagging Engine, that allows scanning
 >   and processing text based on low-level byte-code "programs" written
 >   using Python tuples.

 > Che cavolo  e` una 'state machine' ?:

mi suggeriscono: automa a stati finiti in


per quanto riguarda i 'tuples' qui sotto, penso vada per tuple, meglio di:

 >in Python una tupla e` una n-pla immutabile di oggetti....


Se non vedo obiezioni le passo cosi. :)